Embrace Your Story: A Young Woman’s Guide to Discover Who You Are, Where to Go, And Why You Matter
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Pink Sugar

Hi! I'm Smith
and I'm so glad you're here :)

Bestselling Author of "Embrace Your Story"
#1 New Realease in "Christian Faith"

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About Me

I am a High School teacher and “teen expert” with a deep love and passion for the age group. A natural mentor and honorary big sister, I have logged thousands of hours spent with young women, hearing their stories, and helping guide them through life with tips and practical wisdom. I am a Georgia native, loving life currently in the Pacific Northwest. When I'm not teaching or writing, I am finding joy by reveling in the little moments, like enjoying a great sunset, a good book in the sunshine, or a hike through the Cascades with my fiancé or closest friends.

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